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Hydralada lifting platforms are the safest, most efficient way to construct protective netting structures. Ready for every challenge thrown their way

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  1. The trusted way to tackle tricky terrain

    Reliable on every surface and proven for safety, all Hydralada models are designed to drive at full elevation on unprepared terrain and slopes of up to 20 degrees. Each machine is stability tested and has a safe working angle specified.

  2. Feet first with hands-free operation

    The ability to drive the machine at full height, hands-free is just one of the features that make a Hydralada machine so efficient. The operator can easily run steel cable, lay out protective netting covers and clip them to the structure safely with ease.

  3. Small and nimble

    Hydralada’s thoughtful, refined design makes it ideal to work in tightly confined areas, without compromising lift height for accessing both vertical and overhead structures.

Popular lifting platform options
Rubber Tracks

Handle mud and slopes

Mounted on an oscillating beam, Hydralada’s rubber track drive option handles with ease wet and rough ground conditions so often associated with new orchard developments– offering extra traction, stability and safety for the operator.

Platform Tool Box

Carry tools safely

Hydralada’s front and rear-mounted heavy-duty toolboxes are easily fitted to the platform. Effortlessly carry all the tools necessary for your job, keeping them close to hand – maximising efficiency and safety.

Dual Speed

High ground speed

With the boom lowered, the operator can safely drive faster. Once the boom is elevated the Hydralada automatically switches to a slower ground speed. Dual speed is a sensible option for protective netting contractors.

Twin Castor

More wheels on the ground

More stabilitty than the standard single castor rear wheel, the Twin Castor option is often included with Tandem Four Wheel drive making for a truly versatile machine for working on sloping property.

Steel Tracks

Traction and stability when its needed

Steel tracks fit over the Tandem Four Wheel Drive and increase the machines traction. The additinal weight also adds to the stability of the the machine, ideal for working on steep orchards, and in rough ground conditions.

Slew Platform

Shift sideways while working

The operator can slew the platform 45 degrees left or right of the centre without moving the chassis of the machine on the ground. A lever located in the front of the platform activates a hydraulic ram that significantly increases the working envelope.

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