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When it comes to working your cherry orchard, Hydralada lifting platforms are the pick of the crop and ready to tackle any challenge

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  1. Safe and stable on any surface

    Renowned for reliability and proven for safety, all Hydralada models are designed to drive at full elevation on unprepared terrain and slopes of up to 20 degrees.

  2. Foot control for hands-free operation

    The ability to drive the machine at full height, hands-free is just one of the features that makes a Hydralada so efficient. The operator can pick cherries, prune and tree train on the move, significantly increasing productivity.

  3. Hydraulic power pruners

    Our hydraulic power pruners make short work of hard to prune cherry wood, increasing the pruning rate and removing the strain.

Popular lifting platform options
Picking Crate Magazine

Saving time by the bucketload

The Picking Crate Magazine attaches to the front of the platform and can handle up to five full buckets of harvested cherries. A frame-mounted at the rear of the platform stores multiple empty buckets so the operator can continue picking fruit without having to enter and exit the cage.

Auxiliary Oil Outlets

Add power to your pruning

The safe and easy way to prune, hydraulic couplings in the Hydralada platform means you can connect tools to make the job even more efficient. A popular option for cherry growers and pruning contractors, our hydraulic pruners help remove the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Free Wheeling Hubs

Tow wherever you go

Thanks to the quick-release wheel hubs fitted to the wheels, the Hydralada drive is easily disengaged and the machine towed from one orchard to another behind your ute.

Tandem 4WD

Capability to handle all terrain

Four driving wheels mounted on an oscillating beam. Increases traction and stability for orchards on sloping ground

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