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For landscapers and commercial gardens, Hydralada lifts the game

With innovative features, high quality components and high capacity batteries you can work all day with low noise levels and no fumes.

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  1. Since its creation in 1973

    Pellenc has been manufacturing tools for agriculture, green spaces and local communities, working closely with the sector to make human tasks easier while also increasing productivity.

  2. Innovation

    Passionately committed to designing, producing, and bringing to market tools that are at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

  3. Environmental

    Hydralada and Pellenc are constantly seeking new ways to make working with nature more enjoyable and more efficient, through our conviction that it is possible to yield better results while also respecting the environment. together we are pursuing the mission to work with nature serving people.

Landscaping tools and features

Caring for the environment

– Sustainability
– Recycling
– Eliminating plant protection products
– Cutting out emissions


Work better

– Reducing noise pollution
– Minimising strain on the user
– Ensuring low vibration levels


High-performance levels

– Pellenc motors (28 Years of experience in brushless motors).
– Innovative product design (Designed to provide optimal power with minimal dispersion).
– Pellenc batteries (30 years of field experience).


Rapid return on investment

– Save up to 100 Litres/Month (Alkylate petrol mixture saved).*
– $11.64 NZD/Day (Difference between the cost of petrol per day and the cost of battery charging).*
*Note: Depends on size battery, tool being operated and application.

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