Avocado Orchards

Superior work safety and increased picking rates

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When it comes down to it, Hydralada lifting platforms are ready for every challenge on any avocado orchard, safely lifting you to the top!

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The trusted way to tackle tricky terrain
Reliable on every surface and proven for safety, all Hydralada models are designed to drive at full elevation on unprepared terrain and slopes of up to 20 degrees. Each machine is stability tested and has a safe working angle specified.

Jump in feet first with hands-free operation
The ability to drive the machine at full height, hands-free is just one of the features that make a Hydralada machine so efficient. The operator can easily work on the move, significantly increasing productivity.

Our unique picking bag design optimises fruit handling
Divided into three compartments, the Hydralada picking bag is cleverly designed to optimise fruit handling. The fruit passes gently through each compartment without bruising before being loaded into a field bin.

Popular lifting platform options
Tandem 4WD

All terrain

Four high torque drive motors power four wheels mounted on an oscillating beam. This increases traction and acts like suspension, making for a smoother ride on mud, sand or grass.

Hydrafork Bin Shifter

Shifting avocado bins just got easier

The Hydralada operator can shift a full bin of fruit along the row without having to rely on a tractor mounted forklift. This means they can keep a bin nearby, saving valuable time and trouble.

Rubber Tracks

Handle mud and slopes

The rubber tracks provide the machine with a lighter footprint while still maintaining optimum stability and traction on sloping ground.

Steel Tracks

Traction and stability when its needed

Steel tracks fit over the Tandem Four Wheel Drive and increase the machines traction. The additional weight also adds to the stability of the machine, ideal for working on steep orchards, and in rough ground conditions.

Twin Castor

More wheels on the ground

More stability than the standard single castor rear wheel, the Twin Castor option is often included with Tandem Four Wheel drive making for a truly versatile machine for working sloping property.

Slew Platform

Shift sideways within the tree

The operator can slew the platform 45 degrees left or right of the centre without moving the chassis of the machine on the ground. A lever located in the front of the platform activates a hydraulic ram that significantly increases the working envelope.

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