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With Hydralada lifting equipment, arborists work safely, with unsurpassed access when pruning trees in parks, reserves, streets and laneways.

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  1. The trusted way to tackle tricky terrain

    Reliable on every surface and proven for safety, all Hydralada models are stability tested and designed to drive at full elevation on unprepared terrain and slopes up to 20 degrees. Easily climb up and over streetside kerbs and gutters.

  2. Prune at heights on the run

    The ability to drive the machine at full height, hands-free is just one of the features that makes a Hydralada so efficient. The operator can easily work on the move, significantly increasing productivity.

  3. Easy to transport

    Hydralada elevating work platforms are relatively lightweight and compact making them easy to transport around city streets – either towed behind a vehicle on their wheels or simply loaded onto a trailer or low bed truck.

Popular lifting platform options
Tandem 4WD

Increased traction and stability

Mud, sand and grass can throw extreme challenges at the operator. Hydralada’s Tandem 4WD makes working in all conditions a breeze.

Auxiliary Oil Outlets

Hydraulic pruning made easy

The safe and easy way to prune, hydraulic couplings in the Hydralada platform allows you to connect a hydraulic pole saw or pruner. Hydraulic limb loppers are available for pruning and cutting branches up to 50mm.

Flashing Beacon

Vehicle warning light

An orange beacon mounted on the rear of the machine which shines when the machine is operational. Ideal when the machine is operating in public spaces such as street tree pruning.

Platform Tool Box

Carry tools safely

Hydralada’s front and rear-mounted heavy-duty toolboxes are easily fitted to the platform. Effortlessly carry all the tools necessary for your job, keeping them close to hand – maximising efficiency and safety.

Heavy Duty EWP Tyres

Purpose-built with reduced tyre flex

These tyres are purpose-built for elevating work platforms and include a more rigid sidewall to protect the wheel rim. It reduces tyre flex which is an advantage when the machine is working at higher elevations.

Full Bonnet Guard

Protection from flying debris

Heavy-duty guard which mounts to the front of the machine and protects the fibreglass bonnets from damage. Perfect if the machine is being used for pruning.

Hand Deadman Control

Operational safety is paramount

Machine drive controls are not operational until this hand control is activated. It is a requirement for elevating work platforms used in the industrial and construction industry.

Powerful Engine

High-performance compact diesel engine

Kubota Diesel Model D722 is a vertical, water-cooled, 3 Cylinder, 4 Cycle IDI diesel engine with high torque capacity of 16.4 hp at 3600 RPM. Don’t mistake its compact size, this is one of the most hardworking, efficient running diesel engines on the market. The Kubota Z482 Model is a 2 cylinder option, 10.90 HP version also available.

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