Why Hydralada®

The very first Hydralada machine was sold to a local Hawke’s Bay apple grower in 1975. Today, there are thousands of Hydralada platforms ‘lifting the game’ for people throughout the world. As New Zealand’s sole Pellenc distributor we also sell and support world-leading vineyard equipment to speed up the job and make life easier, more productive – and deliver the highest quality fruit to the winery.

What our clients say
08 March 2020

This apple picking platform just simply works!

Hydralada Company’s Nblosi orchard platform just simply works. No sophistication! Simply fill the bin with apples and unload gently to the ground.  Safety and efficiency combined.  Phone Duncan now for a demonstration 021 287 3009.

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02 March 2020

Hydralada machines are a part of the Darling Group operation.

Darling Group have a fleet of Hydralada machines and offer their growers a service from picking to pruning, packing, and marketing avocados.    Based in the Bay Of Plenty of New Zealand, Andrew  Darling and his two sons are involved...

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27 February 2020

Growers spend all year growing the perfect apple….We want to help you pick it!

Growing a perfect apple is a 12 month process.  We want to be a part of that process… At Hydralada Company we work hard to make sure our customer gets the perfect apple into the box and to the consumer. ...

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