Why Hydralada®

The very first Hydralada machine was sold to a local Hawke’s Bay apple grower in 1975. Today, there are thousands of Hydralada platforms ‘lifting the game’ for people throughout the world. As New Zealand’s sole Pellenc distributor we also sell and support world-leading vineyard equipment to speed up the job and make life easier, more productive – and deliver the highest quality fruit to the winery.

What our clients say
28 October 2019

Trailers for your Hydralada Machine

We have trailer options for you to easily transport your Hydralada Machine.  Phone now 0064 6 873 000 or email [email protected]

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23 October 2019

Hydralada machine designed for mango harvest.

This Hydralada Machine has been specifically designed to harvest and prune mango trees.  It has an on-board solution tank with a  wash spray system through the picking bag to keep the fruit clean as it is harvested.  Quality can be...

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07 October 2019

Dave O’Keeffe pictured hear with a new 650h Tow and Blow

Dave O’Keeffe is excited with the new 650h Tow and Blow Frost Fan.    “It moves a serious amount of air while still offering all the benefits of its smaller brother being totally portable and requiring no permanent resource consent” ...

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