Why Hydralada®

The very first Hydralada machine was sold to a local Hawke’s Bay apple grower in 1975. Today, there are thousands of Hydralada platforms ‘lifting the game’ for people throughout the world. As New Zealand’s sole Pellenc distributor we also sell and support world-leading vineyard equipment to speed up the job and make life easier, more productive – and deliver the highest quality fruit to the winery.

What our clients say
01 March 2018

Pro Arbore Hastings with their New Bandit 1390

Pictured here is Pro Arbore collecting their brand new Bandit Chipper 1390 from Hydralada Company in Hastings. Hard to beat a Bandit ! Tough, durable, powerful, and low cost. This machine was selected following the long reliable service Pro Arbore...

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01 March 2018

USA Apple Growers visit NZ Orchards

Approximatey 250 apple growers from overseas (predominately USA) have visited orchards and packhouses throughout New Zealand over the past two weeks.  This opportunity to share experiences and network ideas was invaluable giving growers the chance to see New Zealands beautiful...

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25 January 2018

Leaf removing in Queenstown Vineyards

Today Ian Wilson and Duncan Smith have been on a Queenstown vineyard demonstrating the new Pellenc Leaf Remover.  This French machine is designed to pluck the leaves from the vines around the fruiting zone and expose the small berries to...

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