Why Hydralada®

The very first Hydralada machine was sold to a local Hawke’s Bay apple grower in 1975. Today, there are thousands of Hydralada platforms ‘lifting the game’ for people throughout the world. As New Zealand’s sole Pellenc distributor we also sell and support world-leading vineyard equipment to speed up the job and make life easier, more productive – and deliver the highest quality fruit to the winery.

What our clients say
16 May 2019

Reuben Marshall over sees delivery of three new Hydralada machines

Reuben Marshall is pleased to have three new Hydralada Maxi Model machines added to his fleet for the coming avocado harvest.  Marshall Contractors  harvest throughout the Bay Of Plenty and Reuben is pictured here about to load machines bound for Motiti...

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16 May 2019

Barge across to Motiti Island Bay Of Plenty

A remote spot off the East Coast of New Zealand,  Motiti Island is a small micro climate of its own and grows great avocados.  This season there will be a fleet of Hydralada machines working on the Island, starting next week...

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11 March 2019

Pellenc Optimum Harvest 2019!

Hydralada offers the full range of world renowned Pellenc vineyard equipment including Selectiv Process Optimum multifunctional grape harvesters, conventional tractor mounted pruning equipment, spraying, leaf removing and tow behind harvesters....

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