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Superior work safety and picking rates

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When it comes down to it, Hydralada platforms are ready to lift you up to meet every challenge a citrus orchard can throw at them, whether that’s working in lemons, limes, mandarins or oranges.

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  1. The trusted way to tackle terrain

    Reliable on every surface and proven for safety, all Hydralada models are designed to drive at full operation on unprepared terrain and slopes of up to 20 degrees. Each machine is stability tested and has a safe working angle specified.

  2. Feet first with hands-free operation

    The ability to drive the machine at full height, hands-free is just one of the features that make a Hydralada machine so efficient. The operator can pick, prune and tree train on the move, significantly increasing productivity.

  3. Our unique picking bag design optimises fruit handling

    Divided into three compartments, the Hydralada picking bag is cleverly designed to optimise fruit handling. The fruit passes gently through each compartment without bruising before being loaded into a field bin.

Popular lifting platform options
Hydrafork Bin Shifter

Shifting citrus fruit bins just got easier

The Hydralada operator can shift a full bin of fruit along the row without having to rely on a tractor mounted forklift. This means they can keep a bin nearby, saving valuable time and trouble.

Auxiliary Oil Outlets

Add power to your pruning

The safe and easy way to prune, hydraulic couplings in the Hydralada platform means you can connect tools to make the job even more efficient. A popular option in citrus orchards, our hydraulic pruners help remove the risk of repetitive strain injury and take away the pain of pruning hardwood.

Free Wheeling Hubs

Tow wherever you go

Thanks to the quick-release wheel hubs fitted to the wheels, the Hydralada drive is easily disengaged and the machine towed from one orchard to another behind your ute.

Picking Crate Magazine

Picking crate handling made easy

Handles up to four plastic picking crates (depending on size). Fully adjustable to fit a range of crate sizes. Saves time and increases picking output.

Picking Bag

Fruit picking bag

The citrus fruit picking bag mounts to the front of the Hydralada platform with a 54 kg capacity. The steel case is lined with foam and includes a PVC liner which is divided into three compartments. Field trials have proved this system to be the most effective form of citrus picking.

Hydrabrake System

To handle all terrain

The Hydrabrake System eliminates the machine creeping while parked. An economical system which uses a replaceable brake wearing ring to provide a fail-safe locking brake.

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