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For mango growers, Hydralada lifts the game

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To realise maximum efficiency and optimum quality, Hydralada lifting platforms deliver the goods on the mango orchard

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  1. Improved fruit quality

    Featuring two 200 litre solution tanks and a pump that delivers mango wash through sprayers mounted in the mango picking bag, the Hydralada harvesting system continuously washes mango sap from the fruit – eliminating blemishes and improving fruit quality.

  2. Total control for the grower

    Hydralada gives the grower the ability to monitor both quantity and quality of fruit per picker – something not possible with other types of harvest aids. Our machines are proven to be the most efficient way to harvest mangoes.

  3. Versatile integrated forklift

    With a fully-integrated forklift, drivers can shift full bins of fruit without waiting for the tractor, keeping the bin close to the mangoes being harvested.

Popular lifting platform options
Rubber Tracks

Handle mud and slopes

Mounted on an oscillating beam, Hydralada’s rubber track drive option handles wet and rough ground conditions with ease – offering extra traction and stability for mango growers.

Hand Operated Controls

Maximum standing room

Two ergonomically designed tiller levers located in the front of the platform drive the wheels of the Hydralada. This option gives the operator more free-standing room than the standard three-pedal foot control.

Tandem 4WD

Smooth operator

Four high torque drive motors power four wheels mounted on an oscillating beam. This increases traction and acts like suspension, delivering a smoother ride.

Oil Cooler

Great for working in high temperatures

The Hydraulic Oil Cooler includes a radiator and fan, decreasing the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil when the machine is working in high ambient temperatures. Ideal if a hydraulic chainsaws is being powered from the Hydralada machine.

Hydrafork Bin Shifter

No tractor required

The Hydralada operator can shift a full bin of fruit along the row without having to rely on a tractor mounted forklift. This means they can keep a bin nearby, saving valuable time and trouble.

Twin Castor

More wheels on the ground

This option offers more stability than the standard single castor rear wheel. The Twin Castor option is often included with Tandem Four Wheel Drive making for a truly versatile machine when operating on sloping property.

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