Wood Chipper

Tracked 280 Timberwolf

Everything you’d expect and more!


There are times when the terrain is rough. Not just awkward or uneven, but seriously off-road. You need to get the wood chipper to the job, not bring the job to the wood chipper.

If you’re looking for the ground-covering performance and the outstanding efficiency you’ve come to expect from Timberwolf, the TW 280TFTR 8” tracked wood chipper will get in and get the job done. There’s also Timberwolf’s legendary ‘no-stress’ auto-feed control for smooth operation, combined with a heavier rotor giving added inertia to get the job done quicker.

The TW 280TFTR has a low vibration and ergonomically designed ride-on platform for ultimate comfort and safety. It has a two-speed tracking system, low speed gear to negotiate difficult terrain and a higher speed gear to cover distance efficiently. Both speeds are infinitely variable with a conveniently mounted engine throttle. It has a ground clearance of 245mm to tackle uneven surface and smooth running tracks together with a low centre of gravity enhancing stability on different gradients. In short, it will get you there safely and fast!

‘A ‘go-anywhere’ tracked wood chipper with excellent off-road performance’



  • Engine:45hp Kubota 4-cylinder turbo engine
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Tank Capacity: 36 litres (7.9 gallons)


  • Max dia. infeed: 210mm
  • Feed Method: Twin hydraulic rollers c/w Auto Feed Control
  • Throughput: Up to 6.5 tonnes per hour


  • Blades: 2 x 158mm Double sided, fully hardened