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640i MAXI

Standard Model

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Hydralada 640i MAXI
Picture of machine fitted with Tandem Four Wheel Drive option

Ideal for all construction and maintenance access work


This model is known as the workhorse due to its heavy duty construction and reliable  trouble-free operation. With the standard single man platform the 640i is very productive for installing purlins and erecting frames on buildings. Where two people are required for heavier work  the machine can be specified with a two man double platform. With all the features available on the smaller models, the 640i will safely manoeuvre on rough unprepared ground without the need of outriggers for stability.

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Lift height to platform

Drive Train and Wheels

  • 1.5″ drive axles
  • Hydrabrake system
  • 26 x 12.00 x 12 drive wheels
  • 185 x 14 rear castor wheel
  • Six stud heavy duty wheel equipment
  • High torque hydraulic motors


Kohler twin cylinder OHV petrol engine

Chassis Construction

  • Heavy duty rigid chassis
  • Heavy duty lift boom
  • Small overall dimensions
  • Externally mounted muffler


Platform maximum rated capacity


  • Industrial Access Equipment
  • AS/NZS 1418-10 2011 Standard
  • OAW 2.50m
  • Weight 925kg (nominal)

Customise your 640i MAXI

View all specs - download brochure (pdf)

Twin Castor Rear Axle

Twin Castor Rear Axle gives a larger footprint on the ground and enhances the stability for working on rough unprepared building sites.

Free Wheel Hubs

Free Wheel Hubs allow the drive wheels to be disengaged and the machine can be towed on its own wheels at low speed (max. 30kph) behind a vehicle. In NZ, no registration is required to tow on the highway. Includes heavy duty ball hitch drawbar.

Tool Boxes

Front and rear mounted tool boxes can be fitted to the operator’s platform to carry accessories. Constructed of heavy duty steel with sturdy mounts, these allow the operator to have tools available.

Tandem Four Wheel Drive

Tandem Drive increases traction and stability with four driving wheels mounted on a heavy duty walking beam. Including the Hydrabrake system, there is virtually nowhere you can’t drive a Tandem Drive machine. Ideal for unprepared building sites.

LV Insulated Fibreglass Platform

The Low Voltage (max 400 volts phase to phase) Fibreglass Platform is electrically insulated and manufactured to the AS1418-10 Standard 1996 part Electrically tested dry to part and part this option is ideal for low voltage line clearing work.

Flashing Beacon

A flashing beacon mounted on the tail of the EWP ensures the machine is visible when operating in populated areas, public areas or street environments.


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