Half Row Trimmer VTR1

Standard Model

VTR1 Trimmer
Picture shows a half row trimmer

Single Mast Design


Single mast design, 1.80m vertical cutter board, five rotary blades, topper assembly.



Twin cutter board length

Tractor Oil Supply Required

  • 20lpm
  • 2000psi
  • Dual tractor auxiliary oil remote outlets
  • 3 Station Joystick Remote Control Station (Optional)


Tri-Star Topper diameter

Trimmer Boards

  • 2 x Vertical Trimmer Boards
  • Rotary Blades x 10 (5 per board)
  • Heavy Duty Spindles
  • Heavy Duty Bearings
  • Belt Drive
  • Rigid Board
  • Twin-Bladed (optional) Topper = 700mm


Trimming speed


  • Dual Mast
  • Heavy duty headstock with nylon bush inserts
  • Breakaway system
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustjment
  • Trimmer Stand

Customise your Half Row Trimmer VTR1

Over Row Module

Inter Row VTR3 Trimmer can be adapted to trim two complete rows by fitting an over row module which includes two additional vertical trimmer boards. Individual Hydraulic Tilt is available for each side.

Hydraulic Lift Module

This trimmer is fitted standard with Hydraulic Lift Adjustment each side.

Hydraulic Tilt Module

A Hydraulic Tilt Module is available and can be fitted to the Inter Row VTR3 machine. This allows the operator to adjust the angle of the trimmers while in operation. Requires extra tractor remotes. Remote control box is available.

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