Nblosi Quad Lift


For intensively planted orchards


The Nblosi Quad Lift platform is designed to work in intensively planted orchards. Manufactured in Italy, the machine is four wheel drive, four wheel steer, and  has a platform lift height of 2.5m.  The Nblosi Quad Lift is powered by a Kubota diesel engine with smooth proportionally controlled hydraulic drive.  Equipped with auto drive and  auto steer the Quad Lift will slowly creep down the row without needing a full time driver. Fitted with the bin carrying module the machine can load and unload full bins within the row.  Optional hydraulic platform level system is available.

Orchard Platforms

Why Nblosi Orchard Platforms?

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Customise your Nblosi Quad Lift

Cantilever Mid Platform

The front mounted platform lifts up and down hydraulically. Width adjustment is manual (hydraulic optional). This option can include the bin rollers for bins. Accommodating two people at a mid level, this system enables workers operate from three levels – ground, front platform, and main platform. Ideal for taller high density trees.

Conveyor Harvesting Module

The Nblosi Harvesting Module is an option that can be fitted to the machine for harvesting apples. This has front conveyors for ground pickers and platform conveyors (two our four) for picking the tops. The fruit passes through the machine on a central conveyor to a bin filler at the rear of the machine. Full bins unload behind the machine and pass under a trailer carrying empties. No picking bags are required.

Bin Track System

The bin track transfers bins through the platform for workers to pick into. The bin is always in the immediate vicinity of the pickers eliminating climbing ladders and using small lightweight bags with frequent unloading. Once the bin is full it gently unloads behind the machine. A very effective harvesting system that “simply works’

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