360h Hi Lift

Base Model

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Hydralada 360h Hi Lift

Get that extra bit of reach


The 360h Hi Lift has the same low profile chassis as the 300h Compact but has a longer boom to give the operator more lift height and better reach into the tree.



Lift height to platform floor


Kohler Twin Cylinder OHV Petrol Engine


Maximum platform rated capacity

Drive Train and Wheels

1.25 in drive axles
Hillside restraint valves
23 x 10.50 x 12 drive wheels
Single castor rear wheel
High torque drive motors

Chassis Construction

Rigid chassis construction
Low profile tail
Externally mounted muffler


Three pedal foot controls
Hand operated accelerator
Smooth hydraulic valve
Dual station with base control for emergency situations


Customise your 360h Hi Lift

Picking Bag

Picking Bag quick taches to front of the operator platform and is designed to handle fruit without bruising. Fruit passes through the three compartments then empties into a field bin. Trials show this system delivers excellent results with consistently high pack out rates.

Free Wheel Hubs

These hubs allow the drive of the machine to be disengaged. Complete with a ball hitch drawbar, the machine can be connected behind a vehicle and towed along the road at slow speed maximum 30 kph.

Auxiliary Oil For Hydraloppa

Hydraulic outlets in the platform to power a hydraulic lopper. Hydraulic lopper has up to 45 mm cutting capacity. Robust powerful tool to make pruning easy.


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