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Power Tools

These tools are highly efficient and simply connect into the hydraulics of a Hydralada Access Lifting Platform. Ideal for drilling holes in treated hardwood posts, torquing bolts in steel frame construction or any high-speed drilling or impact wrenching job.


High Speed Hydraulic Drill

Compact, lightweight high speed drill. Connects to hydraulic outlets on a Hydralada access machine. Quiet, powerful and safe for all drilling operations. Half inch chuck size. Reversible operation.

Drill speed



Pistol Grip Hydraulic Chainsaw

Two handed pistol grip saw, runs from the hydraulics of a Hydralada Machine (or other power source) providing it is delivered 20lpm of oil at 2000psi. High torque, powerful cutting capacity with trigger start/stop. Quiet, low maintenance, safe and easy to operate.

Cutting capacity



Hydraulic Pole Chainsaw

The Hydraulic Pole Chainsaw is 1900mm long with a 13" chain bar. It runs from the remote hydraulic outlets on the Hydralada Machine (or other power sources) providing it delivers 20lpm at 2000psi. This tool is very powerful and safe to operate. Trigger start stop, no fuel, no noise, low maintenance.

Cutting capacity