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Optimum Selectiv’ Process 890 Harvester


Delivers the finest berries to the winery


With the introduction of the latest Optimum range of harvesters, Pellenc’s accumulated experience and innovation in developing new designs sets them apart from other machines on the market. Their approach to viticulture, reconciling crop quality, respect for the environment, respect for the vine, profitability and ease of use, ensures they continue to lead the way in their field. Selectiv’ Process onboard grape sorting means a near perfect sample is delivered to the winery.



Clean crop sample

Drive Train and Wheels

  • Perkins Tier IV I Diesel Engine
  • 6 cylinder 175hp
  • Poclain HD 450 bar hydrostatic drive
  • Continuous all wheel drive system
  • 480/70 R28 Drive Wheel Equipment


Reduction of fuel consumption

Harvesting Head

  • Selectiv’ Process onboard sorting table
  • Activ’ head with automatic lateral shift
  • Easy connect quick coupling
  • Twin Bin capacity 3600 litres
  • Easy Smart harvest settings

95 degree

Easy turn unmatched turning angle


  • Easy cabin access with retractable ladder
  • Panoramic field vision 310 degress
  • Air Conditioning
  • Intuitive single touch screen control
  • Joystick drive
  • Anti vibration pneaumatic seat

Customise your Optimum Selectiv’ Process 890 Harvester

Multifunction Front Arm

Centre front arm enables all Pellenc vineyard tools to be fitted to the Optimum tractor. Quick connect couplings and automatic recognition means cabin controls are assigned to the tool installed. Includes weight frame which fits to rear of machine.

Eole 4 to 6 Row Sprayer

Accurate, controlled spraying with Eole 2 Pellenc 4 to 6 Row Sprayer. Mounts to Optimum tractor and cabin controls assign to sprayer. Flow-rate proportional to forward speed function for programmed spraying concentration, regardless of conditions.

Visio Pre Pruner

Fast and efficient even in dense vegetation. Camera technology for high speed operation, providing cutting and mulching superior to that of disc models. Ignores wires and prunes canes into short lengths, leaving them to break down on the ground.

Leaf Remover

Allows work to be done properly and uniformly, as if by hand. Canopy is tracked by sensor, automatically managing tool pressure on trellising in real time, with no berry damage. Removes whole leaves opening up canopy to light and spray penetration.

Tool Carrier

Pellenc Tool Carrier fits to back of Optimum Tractor and has twin three point hitches to mount ground engaging implements. Cultivating, mowing , mulching, speeding up the job with two rows completed in one pass.

Vine Trimming

Mount a Trimmer to the front Multifunction Arm of the Optimum Tractor and trim up to two full rows in one pass.

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