Leaf Remover

Standard Model

Leaf Remover
Picture shows a single side leaf remover

Opens the fruiting zone for optimum light penetration


The new Pellenc leaf remover is perfect for all vineyards and the job is done properly and uniformly, as if by hand. The simple design ensures quick and easy set up and requires very little maintenance. The canopy is tracked by a sensor panel, which automatically manages the tool pressure on the vine in real time causing no damage to the plant or berries. This auto tracking allows the operator to travel at a relatively high ground speed without sacrificing the quality of the job or jeopardising the leaf stripping rate.


380 or 480

Leaf removal zone

Cost Effective

  • Only one person required
  • Up to 4kmh travel speed
  • Available as one or two row version
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Low fuel consumption


Hydraulic Oil Flow

Easy to operate

  • Optimum visibility
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact and easy to manoeuvre in headlands
  • Simple intuitive controls and set up


Optimum ground speed


  • Soft Touch sensor for row tracking
  • Automatic safety swing back
  • Rollers pluck leaves without damaging fruit

Customise your Leaf Remover

Single Half Row Leaf Remover

Single Half Row

Half row reversible leaf remover can work to the left or right of the machine and allows quick rotation at the end of the row. Available as 380 or 480 fruiting zone area.

Inter Whole Row Leaf Remover

Inter Whole Row

Double head, available either 380 or 480 fruit zone leaf removal, this machine works inter row mounted to a conventional tractor. Includes all the features with hydraulic side shift, lift and lower.

Leaf Remover Tractor Mount

Optimum Tractor mount

Over row leaf remover designed to be coupled to the Optimum tractor (harvester), this works either side of one canopy. Highly efficient and easy to operate with excellent visibility.

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