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802i MAXI

Base Model

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Hydralada 802i MAXI
Picture shows 802h Maxi fitted with Hydraulic Slew Platform

Work at up to ten metres on unprepared surfaces with ease


The 802i MAXI is a safe and reliable elevating work platform designed to access heights of up to ten metres. Fitted with Tandem Four Wheel Drive for added stability and traction, this model has a light footprint and can be used on upper levels of building structures. With the same rigid chassis and drive components as the 640i, the 802i is ideal for construction of taller buildings or any other work at these higher elevations.

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Lift height to the platform

Drive Train and Wheels

  • 1.5″ drive axles
  • Hydrabrake system
  • 26 x 12.00 x 12 drive wheels
  • 185 x 14 Twin Castor Rear Whees (Std)
  • Six stud heavy duty wheel equipment
  • High torque hydraulic motors


Kohler twin cylinder OHV petrol engine


  • Heavy duty rigid chassis
  • Heavy duty lift boom
  • Low profile tail
  • Externally mounted muffler


Platform maximum rated capacity


  • Three pedal foot controls
  • Hand operated accelerator
  • Smooth hydraulic valve
  • Dual station with base controls for emergency situations

Customise your 802i MAXI

View all specs - download brochure (pdf)

Tandem Four Wheel Drive

This option increases the machine’s stability and improves traction on rough, uneven and sloping sites. Includes four powerful high-torque hydraulic motors and driving wheels are mounted on an oscillating beam for suspension and a smoother ride.

Two Person Platform

The Two Man Platform is ideal for some applications in the construction industry. It includes a Tiller Lever Hand Control located at the rear of the platform and has a foot operated deadman switch to meet all industry standard requirements.

Hand Control

When hand controls are preferred to standard three pedal foot controls. Tiller lever system in the front rail of the operator’s platform includes two handle bars and two tiller levers (one for each drive wheel) with a foot control for lift and lower.


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