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Nblosi Quad Lift


For intensively planted orchards


The Nblosi Quad Lift platform is designed to work in intensively planted orchards. Manufactured in Italy, the machine is four wheel drive, four wheel steer, and  has a platform lift height of 2.5m.  The Nblosi Quad Lift is powered by a Perkins diesel engine with smooth proportionally controlled hydraulic drive.  Equipped with auto drive and  auto steer the Quad Lift will slowly creep down the row without needing a full time driver. Fitted with the bin carrying module the machine can load and unload full bins within the row.  Optional hydraulic platform level system is available.

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Max lift to platform floor

Drive train and wheels

  • Hydrostatic Proportional Drive
  • Multi Speed
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Four Wheel Steering
  • Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Steering Wheel
  • Independent Rear Steering

x 4

Maximum workers

Multi person platform

  • Hydraulically Adjustable Platform
  • Overall Length 3.00m
  • Width 1.64m to 2.64m
  • Control Panel Including All Functions
  • Steering Wheel

35 hp

Perkins Diesel Enginie 404D-15


  • Air Compressor C600 lt
  • Power Pruners
  • Platform Level Sideways
  • Platform Level Fore & Aft
  • Fork Variations
  • Two Wheel Drive Models

Customise your Nblosi Quad Lift

View all specs  Download Brochure (PDF)

Bin Track System

Available with bin transporting tracks and hydraulic load and load forks to suit all field bins. A simple and productive way to harvest fruit.

Auto Steering

Auto steering is adjustable for all row widths. Sensitivity can be altered to accommodate varying row widths. The sensor hydraulically folds away for turning in the headland.

Hydraulic Levelling

Hydraulic platform levelling both fore and aft, and sideways. Keeps the platform on an even plain when working on uneven terrain.


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