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Battery Tools

Pellenc pioneered the first ever battery powered pruner in the early 1980’s and once again leads the way with their new pocket sized Ulib battery. These battery powered electric pruners are both lightweight but powerful, and enables you to prune all day without recharging. Included in the range is the Fixion Tying machine, Olive Shaker and Selion Chainsaw.

Battery Tools:

Rasion 2 Mower


Rasion 2 Mower

Combine productivity and autonomy with this mower, designed to improve your working conditions. The RASION mower range is extremely easy to handle, lightweight and compact. These mowers offer professional power, are easy to transport and offer outstanding mowing quality.

Cutting Efficiency

30% higher than that of a conventional mower

Fixion 2- Tying Machine

Tying Machine

Fixion 2 – Tying Machine

Lightweight and easy to handle, the PELLENC Fixion 2 tying machine offers time savings of up to 4 times faster compared to tying by hand.

Ties per full charge


Weed Control

Cultivion Cultivator

The only one of its kind in the world, this tool hoes the soil free of weeds effortlessly, with high frequency blade action. A range of blades are available for different applications.


885 per minute


Vinion 150 Battery Pruner

The Pellenc Vinion with Ulib 250 battery has a dual outlet to connect two tools simultaneously: both the Vinion electric Pruner and the Selion M12 Chainsaw operating alternately.

Cutting Capacity

Up to 35mm

Pellenc Prunion Pole


Prunion Pole Pruner

This pruner is available in three lengths, the most popular being 900mm. It is lightweight and user-friendly, with powerful 45mm cutting capacity. Ideal for tree pruning or overhead trellis work.

Cutting capacity


Weed Control

Excelion 1200 Weed Eater

A multifunctional weed eater/grass cutter for all ground clearing work. This tool includes a range of cutting heads to suit the particular job. Battery power means this operation can be done quietly, efficiently and economically.


Max. 1200w / 30cc equivalent

Weed Control

Excelion 2000 HD Weed Eater

Heavy duty, powerful battery operated brush cutter. Includes a range of different heads to suit varying applications. Now weed eating and brush cutting can be carried out quietly and efficiently.


Max. 2000w / 45cc equivalent

Pole Hedge Trimmer


Helion Alpha Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Helion Alpha's cutting quality allows for precise pruning of hedges or other shrubs, particularly on hard, dry wood. Unlike most pole hedge trimmers on the market the Helion cutter bar combines increased thickness (2.25 mm), tooth opening (33 mm) and strength; a winning trio that makes this tool perfect for all types of cutting from pruning to finishing.

3 speeds: 3,200 / 3,500 / 3,800rpm

Max. power: 1200W

Helion 2 Hedge Trimmer


Helion 2 Hedge Trimmer

Trimmers are efficient tools that meet the needs of professionals in terms of power and trimming quality. Their odourless operation and light weight allow the user to work comfortably when trimming hedges, and ornamental trees.

Waterproofing level of IP 54

Anti-locking blades system.

Power Converter

Battery Pack

1000w Power Converter

PELLENC converter transforms battery power into 230 V. With a PELLENC battery, the POWER CONVERTOR 1000 can store and use electrical energy. Thus, any electrical appliance less than 1000 W (pump, tools, domestic equipment ...) operates independently.

Transforms battery power

into 230 V.

Alpha 520 Battery

Battery Pack

Alpha 520 Battery

The Alpha 520 integrated battery is long-lasting and compatible with the other tools in the PELLENC range. Easy to install and ergonomically designed, it's quick and easy to use the tool; ideal for professional gardeners/landscapers working on green spaces.

Lithium-Ion Battery


Pellenc 750 Battery

Battery Pack

Battery Pack 750+

The range of Pellenc ULiB batteries enable professional use of all Pellenc tools. ULiB batteries allow the user to do a full day’s work without having to recharge.

Power time before charge

One day

Pellenc 1200 Battery

Battery Pack

Battery Pack 1200/1500

The range of Pellenc ULiB batteries enable professional use of all Pellenc tools. ULiB batteries allow the user to do a full day’s work without having to recharge.

Power time before recharge

One to two days


Solerion Solar Panel

Once the photovoltaic panels (PV) have been installed at the operating site, the Solerion makes use of the solar energy converted by the PV panels, thanks to the load regulator for optimum recharge of the connected battery.

Power rating

Max. 280w (at 1000W/m²)

Airion 3 Leaf Blower

Leaf Blower

Airion 2 Leaf Blower

Weighing just 2.55kg the Airion 3 blower is easy to use and durable in any climate conditions. Designed to meet professional demands for reliability, power and efficiency the Airion 3 blower can also be used for several hours without fatigue, especially in the wrist.

Low Noise

Only 79dB

Chainsaw & Pruner Combo

Prunion 250 Pruner & M12 Chainsaw

Now you can purchase one Ulib 250 battery pack that will connect both the Prunion Pruner and M12 electric chainsaw simultaneously, allowing them to work alternately, saving time and increasing productivity.

Dual battery connection

Powers two tools

Standard Tool

Selion T150-200 Tele Pole Chainsaw

This tool includes a telescopic pole extension giving up to 2m reach. Powerful (1200W), quiet, low maintenance and cheap to run. Will work for a full day when coupled with a 700+ Pellenc Battery.

Chainbar length


Standard Tool

Selion T220-300 Tele Pole Chainsaw

A longer extension telescopic pole reaching 3m. Efficient, powerful and user friendly, the T220-300 has the equivalent power to a 30cc petrol powered chainsaw.

Chainbar length



Prunion 150 P Pocket Battery Pruner

The new Pellenc Prunion is the world's first pocket battery electric pruner. The high capacity Ulib battery will power the Prunion all day cutting up to 45mm wood. The tool has four modes: half opening fast progressive, half opening progressive, fast with half opening, and fast without half opening.

Cutting capacity

Max. 45mm